Bad Habits

7 Sinful Practices That Ensnare Us

By Charles F. Stanley
  • November 08, 2015

A prevailing attitude today is, “This is my life; I can do whatever I want.” However, toleration of sinful practices results in enslavement to them. Just consider how these destructive behaviors keep us from God’s best:

  1. Lying and deception. For some people dishonesty is a lifestyle, especially if they fear rejection or have grown up telling lies.

  2. Sexual immorality. Many people hold the misconception that expressing their sexuality whenever and however they please is true freedom. But in reality, they are held captive by their lust.

  3. Drunkenness. Addiction to alcohol enslaves individuals and causes heartache, misery, and suffering for their families.

  4. Drugs. When people take illegal drugs, they’re giving control over to a substance.

  5. Smoking. A person’s unwillingness or inability to stop smoking is proof of their captivity to the habit.

  6. Laziness. Constantly avoiding work is bondage to laziness.

  7. Profanity. When someone cannot carry on a conversation without using some form of profanity, it has become an enslaving habit.

Is there anything in your life that is difficult to relinquish? Don’t let it hinder your spiritual growth. Otherwise, it will exact a price from you and your loved ones you won’t want to pay.

This article is adapted from the Sermon Notes for Dr. Stanley’s message, “Real Freedom,” which airs this weekend on TV.

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By Charles F. Stanley
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