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Letting Go of the Lies That Weigh Us Down

By Beth K Fortune
  • May 02, 2015

My brother is a skilled traveler. He can take a trip almost anywhere in the world for a week with only one carry-on bag and a briefcase. He doesn’t wait in long lines at check in or baggage claim. For him, extra clothing and personal belongings only weigh him down and keep him from moving freely through the many airports and hotels he frequents for work.

If only we could travel through life so freely, but many of us don’t, due to the extra emotional baggage we carry. It’s starts when we believe Satan’s lies. Perhaps we think no one cares about us, that we’re of no value. We feel unloved and alone. We take these misguided thoughts and lug them through the years like a tourist with an over-packed suitcase maneuvering through a crowded airport.

Satan doesn’t want us to be liberated by the truth: that God the Father sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross so we could be free from sin. In his message “Redeemed Saints,” Dr. Stanley says, “Hold [your] head up! Stand straight. Stand tall. And speak forth with confidence, boldness, and assurance that [you are a saint] of the living God.” Jesus Christ didn’t die so we could be weighed down by emotional baggage. He paid the price with His life to redeem us. To Him, we are worth all the pain and suffering He experienced. Yes, we are that valuable.

Next time you start packing your luggage with lies from Satan, look to the cross, remember how much God loves you, and travel light.

Dr. Stanley shares more about the confidence we can have in Christ his message “Redeemed Saints,” airing today on radio.

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Whether it’s our own or the voice of someone else, we must always be careful to follow the Lord rather than human reasoning.

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