The Struggle With Jealousy

We all have desires and hopes for our lives, but our plan isn't always God's best. And what we see others experiencing may not be what He has in store for us. When you compare yourself with others, beware! Jealousy is lurking nearby.

Take Saul, for instance. Appointed by the Lord to be Israel's first king, he was given power and godly success. However, when he heard women praising David for his great victory over Goliath, Saul became envious, and suspicion overtook him. He began to fear losing the kingdom, and eventually, his own jealousy led to loss of relationships, position, and power.

Perhaps this seems like an extreme example. And yet, if we honestly examine ourselves, we are likely to find that envy is hiding somewhere in our hearts. Try this simple test: Ask yourself, Is there anyone whose material, physical, or relational success causes me to feel displeasure, discomfort, or anxiety?

Most often, insecurity, selfishness, or pride is behind a jealous mindset. In fact, all three are evident in Saul's life. He was scared that he would be outdone and overtaken, he didn't want to share the glory with David, and he was insulted that a mere shepherd boy would perform better than a king.

The fallacy of envy is that we can never view the entire picture in someone else's life. Only God sees beneath the surface. And our eyes should focus on our own walk with the Lord. Just as He created each of us differently, His plan for every individual's life is unique.
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