10 Ways to Ruin a Friendship

Have You Been a Bad Friend?

By Charles F. Stanley
  • August 26, 2015

A friendship can end for a variety of reasons. Sometimes this is the result of circumstances, but there are also some behaviors that may damage the relationship. Consider these destructive actions:

  1. Selfishness. Focusing on ourselves and wanting our own way will eventually ruin a friendship.

  2. Manipulation. We should never use or manipulate a friend to get what we want.

  3. Possessiveness. Attempting to limit the other person’s friendships will smother the relationship.

  4. Jealousy. Trying to control our friends in an attempt to keep them is a sin, not a sign of love.

  5. Criticism. If we continually find fault with our friends, we’ll drive them away.

  6. Explosive temper. We will very likely hurt others and do irreparable damage to a relationship if we are prone to angry outbursts.

  7. Covetousness. Wanting what someone else has is selfish and is the opposite of focusing on what’s best for the other person.

  8. Disloyalty. Distrust drives a stake between two people, destroying the friendship.

  9. Dishonesty. When we try to cover up the ways we’ve failed our friend instead of admitting our wrongs, we are being dishonest.

  10. Busyness. If we are too busy to spend time with our friend, the relationship will wither.

Have you ruined a friendship that you wish you hadn’t? Examine yourself and honestly assess what your role was in the breakup. If you feel your friendship is worth saving, consider taking these five steps to make things right.

Also, commit yourself to reading God’s Word and praying daily, for when you keep close to God and allow Him to guide you, these troublesome behaviors won’t rule your life. Instead, you’ll become more like Christ—and He knows, better than anyone, how to be a good friend.

This article is adapted from the Sermon Notes for Dr. Stanley’s message, “Thinking Through Your Friendship,” airing this weekend on TV.

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