7 Reasons We Fail to Grow Spiritually

What’s Holding You Back?

By Charles F. Stanley
  • April 29, 2015

Do you feel like your faith is faltering? Dr. Stanley talks about these seven reasons we fail to grow spiritually in his message “The Second Step—Growth,” airing today on radio. Prayerfully examine your life—could one of these issues could be holding you back?

Why do we fail to grow spiritually?

  1. Lack of instruction. After salvation, we need to be taught how to grow in our Christian lives.

  2. Neglect of Bible Reading, Prayer, and Church Attendance. Growth requires nourishment, and God’s Word is our sustenance.

  3. Negative Influence of Others. When we imitate what others are doing or listen to their advice instead of clinging to the Word of God, we can easily be led astray and stop growing.

  4. Uncertainty About Beliefs. If we’re unsure of what the Scriptures teach and simply adopt the beliefs of others, we’ll be led astray. That’s why it’s so important to fill our minds with God’s Word.

  5. The Lure of the World’s System. Much of what is offered by the world and advertised in the media and on the Internet looks appealing, but can sidetrack us from what’s really important. If we don’t guard our minds and eyes, the devil is ready to ensnare us.

  6. Doubts About God. Whenever we doubt that God’s ways are right, we begin to base our decisions on what we think is good rather than relying upon guidance from His Word. Before long, disobedience causes us to drift further away from Him.

  7. Temptations. If we give in to temptations, they become like heavy burdens, which hinder our growth, but repentance sets us free by cutting the cords that bind us.

Listen as Dr. Stanley explains how we can know we are growing spiritually in his message “The Second Step—Growth,” airing today on radio.

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