9 Entangling Emotions

The Roots of Our Sin

By Charles F. Stanley
  • November 06, 2015

Emotional bondage is sometimes very difficult to identify because it lies deep inside a person and often originates in childhood. One of the signs is an inability to overcome a particular sin despite repeated confession and repentance. The only way to become free is to discover the emotion which is fueling the sin.

Consider how these nine emotions affect us:

  1. Fear. Despite being gifted with abilities and talents, some people never move forward in life because they are captured by fear of failure or rejection.

  2. False guilt. Once we trust Christ as our Savior, all our sins are forgiven. But if we repeatedly confess and repent of the same sin, we’re under a burden of false guilt.

  3. Jealousy. When jealousy holds us captive, we don’t even think straight.

  4. Worry and anxiety. If we continually live in anxiety about what could happen, we work ourselves into a cellblock of uneasiness, uncertainty, and fear.

  5. Prejudice. Being prejudiced against those of other nationalities, languages, or social status keeps us from becoming all that Christ desires us to be.

  6. Failure. When we feel unable to please the Lord despite all our efforts, we’ve failed to realize that He desires a relationship—not a performance.

  7. Bitterness. Those who can’t get past mistreatment or adversity will find that bitterness becomes part of their lives, affecting what they think, feel, and do.

  8. Unforgiveness. God wants us to forgive those who offend us and move on with life, but unforgiveness ensnares us.

  9. Insecurity. If our sense of security is tied to anything earthly, we’ll feel vulnerable because everything changes. Jesus is the stabilizer who breaks the bonds of insecurity because He’s always the same.

Are you repeatedly struggling with a particular problem or recurring sin? Ask the Lord to reveal and heal the area of emotional bondage that is causing your troubles.

This article is adapted from the Sermon Notes for Dr. Stanley’s message, “Real Freedom,” which airs this weekend on TV.

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