A Recipe for Disaster

9 Sinful Ways We Seek to Fulfill Our Desires

By Charles F. Stanley
  • September 12, 2018

We are living in the “now” generation. Whatever we want, we can often find a way to get it immediately. This could be good if it’s a legitimate and pressing necessity, but it can also be dangerous if what we desire is not something God wants for us. The problem with “have it now” thinking is that we don’t pause to consider the consequences of our actions. One of Satan’s tactics is to keep our minds on the pleasures and benefits of whatever he’s offering us. How much better it would be if we submitted our desires to the Lord and waited on Him to provide what He knows is best.

As we read yesterday, Esau’s story shows us that anytime we sin in seeking our desires, consequences will follow. Here are 9 ingredients of our modern day “bowl of soup” that carry disastrous consequence:

  • Alcohol. We can buy and drink all we want and feel good for a while, but the results of becoming enslaved to it are difficult and long-lasting.

  • Prejudice. Passing judgment on others simply because you don’t relate to them never pleases God.

  • Drugs. No one ever intends to become addicted to drugs, but the sought-after pleasure and relief soon turn into bondage.

  • Bitterness. It begins with anger and grows into a more destructive emotion that affects our entire being.

  • Adultery. Although it’s often glamorized in our culture, adultery destroys individuals and families.

  • Abortion. It may seem like a way to escape a difficult situation, but those involved in abortion carry a heavy weight of guilt.

  • Hatred. Even if we feel justified in our hatred, it damages our emotions, health, attitudes, and relationships with others and with God.

  • Unforgiveness. The right response to every offense is forgiveness, but harboring unforgiveness is a sin that hinders our lives.

  • Anger. When we hold on to anger for wrongs committed against us, our bodies, feelings, spirits, and relationships suffer.

To continue in these sins will only result in future suffering. If we find any of these in our lives, we need to ask God to cleanse and forgive us so we can live the life He intends for us. Because satisfying our present desires isn’t worth losing out on God’s blessings in the future.

This article was originally published on October 13, 2017 and is adapted from the Sermon Notes for Dr. Stanley’s message “Sacrificing Your Future for the Pleasure of the Moment,” which aired this past weekend on TV.

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