God’s Restoring Love

Life Principle 20: Overcoming Discouragement

By Linda Canup
  • April 10, 2015

In life, we will inevitably face hardships, challenges, and disappointments. But we don’t have to let these things keep us down. As Dr. Stanley teaches, “Disappointments are inevitable; discouragement is a choice” (Life Principle 20). In his article describing this principle, he says:

    In the daily disappointments that threaten to consume your emotional resources and deflect your attention away from the Lord, you have real hope and a real choice for joy and abundant living in Christ. Circumstances do not control you; Jesus does. You never have to be the victim of your feelings. You can choose to look to God, listen, learn, and move ahead. As you do, the wounded, dejected places in your heart and the scars of old disappointments will melt away in God’s restoring love.

In this article, Dr. Stanley explains how Joseph was devastated by the news that his betrothed was pregnant, but that an angel of the Lord encouraged him with great prophecies about the baby. So Joseph kept his eyes on the Lord and received the blessings of continued obedience to God.

What has you discouraged today? Don’t let it steal your joy and faith in the Lord. Your heavenly Father longs to show you His goodness and love. Keep your eyes on Him and watch for the glorious work He will do in your life when you stay faithful to Him.

Read the full article, “Life Principle 20: Overcoming Discouragement,” in the Learn section.

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