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5 Ideas for Family Summer Fun

By In Touch Ministries Staff
  • May 01, 2018

As the temperature rises and school calendars come to a close, many of us (who maybe didn’t really plan ahead) start wondering… what are we going to do this summer?? Don’t let all that extra daylight go to waste. Here are five ideas to get the family out of work/school mode and interacting with one another again.

Backyard Fun – You know what’s great for getting the kids together and lazy weekends? Water toys and games: think water balloons, squirt toys, sprinklers, water tables, wading pools with bath toys for the littles, etc. The fun doesn’t have to be expensive—even a well-aimed garden hose can be fun on a hot summer’s day. Need to ration water in your area? Try volleyball, Frisbee freeze tag, badminton, or bocce ball. Then have a picnic, grill out, or order a pizza—cheap and easy fun is the philosophy for this kind of quality time.

The Big Trip – This isn’t the kind of thing you do every day, or even every year, but maybe you’ve been saving your spare change and airline miles for a while and you’re ready for that dream trip to Venice, Tokyo, or Rio de Janeiro. Don’t forget to get a passport well in advance!

Staycation – What attractions lie just a few miles from home? A strawberry farm? Museum? National park? Escape room or mystery dinner experience? We often miss out on the things closest to home while we’re busy living our everyday lives. Not to mention, kids love to stay in a hotel (don’t we all?), and a trip down the street may be all the traveling you need to do to get away.

Game Nights – Some families make game nights required events and are super competitive about it. But that doesn’t have to be the way your family approaches it. There are so many games available on the market these days—everything from Candyland and Go Fish to Monopoly and Risk…there’s something out there everyone will like, or at least tolerate. If choosing a competitive strategy game means somebody’s leaving with a black eye, try puzzles or games of chance, like Bingo or Bunko. And, for families who can’t be together in person, make a video call and play games online together.

Cruise – We admit it. This option is a little close to our hearts because of our very own Alaska Cruise! Dr. Stanley and friends will be cruising around the Alaskan wilderness July 7-14, and they always come back with great memories to share. But there are other options besides our cruise, of course. Itineraries around the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean are popular, but there’s a multitude of international opportunities as well. These vacations often give you lots of excursion and entertainment options you might not otherwise get to experience in one trip.

No matter how you choose to spend time with your family this summer, just make sure you do. Time flies and life is short. Put those closest to you first, and enjoy the presence of one another’s company, because it is precious time and those relationships are wonderful gifts from your heavenly Father.

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