Leaving Eden Behind

The Consequences of Our Sin

By Charles F. Stanley
  • February 18, 2018

When everything is going well in our lives, we must be on guard because the devil always has an offer that is diametrically opposed to what God would have for us. Instead of recognizing all the blessings the Lord has already given us and remembering what He has said in His Word, Satan tells us we need more, and promises us enjoyment outside of God’s boundaries. That’s why we must be sensitive to the Holy Spirit within us who guides us into truth and warns us about sin.

All the pain, death, sorrow, and misery in the world started in a perfect garden when two people disobeyed God. Ever since then, we have all felt the weight of sin and guilt. Therefore, we should never rationalize that a little bit of sin won’t hurt us. Just like that first sin, it multiplies into more disobedience and more consequences.

Adam and Eve had everything and ended up losing it all because they didn’t believe God when He warned them that sin has consequences. And today many people are following in their footsteps. They have refused to believe and obey the Lord and are suffering the painful repercussions of their sin.

As a result of their disobedience, Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden. They realized too late that they had made the wrong decision. They were filled with internal shame and now faced the fear of not knowing what would happen to them.

We’ve all felt the intense regret of having disobeyed the Lord. Too late we realize the consequences of our choice and replay in our minds the thought, “I wish I hadn’t done this.” Instead of living in the regrets of sin, God has given us the privilege of living in obedience to Him. He’s granted us His Spirit who warns us whenever we’re headed in the wrong direction. The entire Bible, in fact, is full of warnings regarding the dangers of sin and the disastrous results of disobedience.

Sometimes we can be foolish like Adam who may have eaten the fruit because Eve didn’t die immediately. It looked like there were no consequences for disobedience at first, but when Eve ate the fruit, death began within her. Without knowing it, many people today are also dying inside because they don’t realize they are living in the consequences of sin. God clearly warns us that whenever we sin, it has already begun to do its destructive work within us. This is why we must be mindful each day to read God’s Word, pray to our heavenly Father, and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s promptings and warnings. As we develop our relationship with Him in this way, we’re guarding ourselves from the deceptions and temptations of the enemy.

Are you struggling with regrets for past acts of disobedience? If you’ve repented, asked God for forgiveness, and accepted His Son’s salvation, then there’s no need to dwell on past failures. Instead, you can move forward in the hope Christ gives us and allow those regrets to become motivation to live obediently before God in the future.

This article was originally published on June 4, 2017, and is adapted from the Sermon Notes for Dr. Stanley’s message Be Careful When All Is Well which airs this weekend on TV.

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