Liberated by Love

Fueling discipleship in Cuba

Ever onward to victory!

Once a popular refrain of Cuba’s revolution, those words now capture something else: the single-minded enthusiasm of Cuban believers to win their nation for Christ.

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Tight-knit and purpose-driven, the church in Cuba burns with a passion for evangelism. But resources to fuel discipleship are hard to find. That’s why In Touch has stepped in to help, offering our Life Principles Conferences and tools for equipping the saints.

In Havana and Cienfuegos, In Touch staff taught courses to trained pastors and laypeople, sharing material from Dr. Stanley and putting resources like the Messenger Lab’s tablet computer—loaded with invaluable content—in their capable hands.

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A Portable Library

Each Messenger Lab tablet includes:

  1. Dr. Stanley’s 30 Life Principles
  2. Audio and written sermons
  3. Bible commentaries, dictionaries, and encyclopedias
  4. Classic Christian literature
  5. Discipleship training courses
  6. Offline Bible

For roaming ministers with little access to the wealth of material on the internet, the tablet isn’t simply a tool. It’s a treasure. And it’s not one these pastors intend to keep to themselves. “What we receive, we share,” says Lyda, a seminary professor.

Messenger - Cuba

The Cuban church’s generosity is making waves all over this island nation. As more and more people come to know the Lord, they will need guidance. And with their new resources, these pastors are ready. Freely they’ve received, and freely they will give.

"Making sure the pastors of Cuba have what they need has always been a heavy burden on my heart. Thankfully, God has answered our prayers and given us a way to bless believers there. By supplying these pastors with resources such as the In Touch Messenger and tablet computer, we’re strengthening the local church and helping Christians to proclaim the gospel to their fellow countrymen."

—Dr. Charles Stanley

Thank You.

Because of your faithfulness, In Touch is equipping local churches in Cuba and all over the world with the resources to reach their communities for Christ. 

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