Let It Be a Sweet Sound

When the Lord revealed His nearness to Stelios Skiadas, he returned to worship and sharing the love of Jesus.

Stelios Skiadas leaned forward with eyes closed, fingers gliding across the keyboard, and singing. His voice filled the empty sanctuary of a small church in Athens, Greece. Every Sunday morning in this room, he leads his congregation in worship—but on this day, he came to sing alone.

When Skiadas accepted Christ four years earlier, he began telling everyone he knew about the gospel of grace—and had soon led dozens of his friends and family to faith. Yet over time, his soul grew dark with depression. For months, he says, the devil reminded him of all the mistakes he’d ever made. Wondering what someone so imperfect could offer the perfect God, Skiadas soon stopped praying. He felt God had abandoned him altogether.

After playing in the empty sanctuary for a while, Skiadas noticed that the church secretary—a mentor of his—was in her office. That’s when he decided to open up about his struggles. She listened. After hearing his concerns, she handed Skiadas some discs and told him to watch. They were recorded broadcasts of the In Touch program in Greek.

That evening Skiadas went home, opened up his laptop and played the first sermon. He was shocked to discover that this respected pastor had once found himself in a similar crisis. As Dr. Stanley shared about the time he lay helpless in a hospital bed, rebuking the devil’s lies with the Word of God, Skiadas knew that he must do the same. “God will never leave me or forsake me,” he repeated out loud.

Within weeks, Skiadas felt his spirit lift with renewed strength, and he has continued watching the In Touch program ever since. Every morning during his quiet time, he reads the In Touch devotional to prepare himself for daily ministry—not only as the worship leader at his church, but also as a clerk in a large bookstore.

Recently, on his break, Skiadas went downstairs to the bookstore cafe, sat down at the empty piano, and began to play. Hymns filled the air until, moments later, he was interrupted by his boss. But instead of reprimanding him, Skiada’s boss asked if he would be willing to play more often. Amazed, he said yes.

The only thing Skiadas loves more than worship is sharing Christ with those around him. Already, he has led four coworkers to faith—and he continues to praise God for the opportunity to share the music of His soul with all who are ready to listen.


Photograph by Gary S. Chapman

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