Persevering Through Trials

There is one thing we are all guaranteed in this life: trouble.

There is one thing we are all guaranteed in this life: trouble. It may creep up on us slowly, or blindside us when we least expect it. But either way, when it reaches us, it causes pain and heartache. We have to make hard decisions, oftentimes without all the answers to our questions. Discouragement, fear, and the unknown all knock on our doors, wanting to come in and stay for a while. But we mustn’t let them.

Whatever the hardship, there is one overarching choice we have to make—to move toward God, or away from Him. There is no standing still. There is no neutral option. Adversity forces our path to split before us, and we will either walk with God or turn down a lonely road without Him.

Now, sticking with God doesn’t always have to look pretty. It may look like temporarily unleashing our anger and frustration on Him. We may cry, beg, and try to barter in desperation. Or, we may have no words to say at all. But we stay with Him. We acknowledge that the Lord gives and takes away—that He is still Lord above it all, and if anyone is to redeem the situation, it is Him.

But turning away from God is to deny Him what is rightfully His. It gives Him no credit for who He truly is. It only adds more hardship and pain, because we walk alone, without hope, without the One who can actually handle the challenge before us. And there is no one else who can make something good from a bad situation.

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