Spiritual Warfare

Our ability to stand firm will only be as strong as our relationship with God.

If you were a soldier on the battle field, would you walk outside your secured building alone, without any armor or backup? Would you skip your training and fitness sessions and ignore your leader’s commands and warnings?

Of course not, but that’s exactly what many Christians do when it comes to their spiritual lives. They try to go it alone, thinking they’ve got it handled. Eventually, they lose the desire to spend time in God’s Word and grow deaf to the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Becoming complacent, they forget they are even at war, and wake up one day to find that the enemy has in infiltrated their hearts and minds.

This is exactly what the enemy wants us to do, but we need not fall victim to his deceptive tactics. By reading God’s Word and staying connected to Him through prayer, we place ourselves under the protection of the Almighty. He is the One with the power to save and to defeat the evil one. So if we are to win, we must surrender our lives to the Lord.

Despite the enemy’s attacks, we can live each day in the victory Christ has won for us. But our ability to stand firm will only be as strong as our relationship with God. That’s why we must stay vigilant in our prayer lives. Otherwise, we forfeit much of the power Christ’s sacrifice makes available to us. This booklet contains many of Dr. Stanley’s teachings on spiritual warfare and was created to enrich your prayer time with God. We pray He uses this booklet to strengthen your faith, protect you from the enemy’s attacks, and remind you of the victory we have in Christ.

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