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Daily Devotion

Pay Attention

Do you turn to God first when trouble comes?

March 16, 2023

2 Chronicles 20:1-4

What does it take for the Lord to get your attention? In times of great crisis, fear, tragedy, or sickness, do your eyes and thoughts lift heavenward to seek God’s help and wisdom?  

Those who already have a habit of seeking the Lord’s direction know how to respond when emergencies arise. That’s what we see in King Jehoshaphat’s reign. The Lord was with him because he followed the example of King David by obeying and seeking to honor God. So when a dangerous situation arose, Jehoshaphat’s first response was to fast and pray for His help. 

Is seeking the Lord’s will the habit of your life, or does He have to use harsher means to get your attention? Through the Scriptures, He instructs and teaches us the way we should go—as long as we’re paying attention. But if we’re stubborn “like the horse or like the mule” (Ps. 32:8-9), God’s ways of reaching us may be more painful.

The Lord has much to say and wants us to train ourselves to stay attuned to Him. Don’t let the busyness and distractions of life keep you from connecting with Him every day through His Word and prayer. 

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