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Anywhere, Anytime

Digital Streaming Options

Experience Dr. Stanley’s biblical teaching and encouragement for the Christian life on your favorite device.

Let your hands stay busy while your mind soaks up wisdom from the Word of God with our Amazon Alexa Skills. Simply enable each skill by using the links below. LEARN MORE ABOUT AMAZON’S ALEXA-ENABLED DEVICES.

In Touch Daily Devotion

Start each day with a Scripture reading and a short devotion from the teachings of Dr. Charles Stanley. Simply enable the skill and then begin listening by saying, “Alexa, play daily devotion.”

Charles Stanley Radio

Jump in and listen anytime to Dr. Stanley’s sermons with this 24/7 streaming radio station. Simply enable the skill and then begin listening by saying, “Alexa, play Charles Stanley Radio.”

Choose when and how you want to watch Dr. Stanley’s sermons on any of the streaming devices below with our TV app. Pause to take notes, rewind to review a point, or play it again later—all in the comfort of your own home.

Available on:

Apple TV
Amazon fireTV
Google Play

Watch, listen, and read the latest In Touch Ministries content on your favorite mobile device. Available for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

In Touch Ministries

Get all the Christ-centered teaching from Dr. Stanley that you’ve come to know and love, right in the palm of your hand.

Tune in anytime to listen to Charles Stanley Radio, which broadcasts Dr. Stanley’s sermons 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Access it via your web browser, through the In Touch Ministries App, or with your Amazon Alexa-enabled device.