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Sermon Series

The Convictions by Which We Live

Dr. Stanley addresses what we believe about God, the Bible, eternity, and much more.
9 Sermons

9 Sermons

Your Convictions About The Judgment Of The Believer
Judgment—it’s a heavy word that inspires anxiety, dread, and possibly despair. But for the believer, it doesn't have to be that way. In this message, Dr. Stanley explains that judgment for Christians isn't something we have to be afraid of. Yes, we will be held accountable for our lives, but God’s desire is to reward His children, not punish them. Learn how to live in such a way that one day you'll hear the words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”
Your Convictions About The Bible
Of all the books ever written, there is only one that is utterly infallible, timeless, and completely trustworthy—the Bible. But is it merely a collection of ancient men’s words or is it the revelation of the living God? Your answer to that question is of the utmost importance. In this message, Dr. Stanley shares his personal conviction that the Bible is the very Word of God—inerrant and wholly reliable. What you believe about the Bible matters!

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